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Tekkonkinkreet March 5, 2009

Posted by ml7142 in cyborgs.
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            After viewing the fiml “Tekkonkinkreet”, I started to assimilate the concepts within this film to the theoretical concept of a cyborg.  The two boys “black” and “white” are essentially lost boys that roam around as the soul of the city.  They seemed to be defined by the events of the city and become unbalanced when the city is at unrest.  The boys are also total and complete opposites of one another yet when they are together they are unstoppable. To me this was similar to the idea of a cyborg because cyborgs are made up of parts that often times are as well total and complete opposites of the other.  As a culmination of human and technology a cyborg does not reach its full potential for success unless it is a proper balance of artificial and human thought.  This is somewhat ironic however because in the film the two boys seemed to often times become lost in a city that displayed very poignant categories within the groups of people existing in the town.  They seem to transgress boundaries regardless of their balance with one another much like a cyborg does.  I felt as thought this movie was much about boundaries.  Existing in a world of corruption and turmoil while a world of vibrant color surrounded them. They were young children surviving in an old world with mature situations.  They also exsisted in a world of surreal fantasy and harsh reality.  The two boys black and white were left to dwell in these binaries much like cyborgs are forced to.  


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