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Sky Doll April 29, 2009

Posted by dunemethane in cyborgs.
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The cartoon aspect of this graphic novel really threw me off in respect to the dark subject matter and language. As I opened the book I thought, “Oh, Jesus, what is she making us read now!” But Then I started to read and I saw these cartoon characters swearing and having sex. That really threw me for a loop. But I guess that is the point of this class. I think this type of book is really what is bridging the gap in America between cartoons and adults. The people that I’ve talked to about cartoons and comic books think that they are just things for children and I try to show them otherwise, and this is definitely a book that can prove those people wrong. But at the same time I’m not just singing its praise because I really did not enjoy reading it. Maybe its just because the darker stories that I’ve read usually tend to have a more adult for of art to accompany them. This is usually accented by darker colors and more black and white. I sort of liken it to how kids eat lots of candy which is bright colored and adults tend to like more bitter and dark things like coffee. Sky Doll was more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I like the idea but in execution I think it fails. I was too distracted by the eye popping color to really appreciate the story that was trying to be told. I felt like I was watching loony toons but with the story of sin city or something like that. Overall, nice effort and good try, but I couldn’t bring myself to recommend this book to others.


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