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The Art of “Sky Doll” and Disney April 30, 2009

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I really liked where our discussion of Sky Doll was going towards the end of our last class, in terms of its artistic aspects and the similarities between Disney characters and the characters in Sky Doll.  The characters are very similar in artistry, but in story line very, very different.  Disney is known for its seemingly innocent characters, with a large distinction between the “good guys” and the “bad guys.”  These characters and their “goodness” or “badness” is really portrayed in the artistic aspect.  “Sky Doll” surely does not have an “innocent” plot in terms of the way Disney would define it, however it is an interesting dichotomy to look at, in terms of the similarities in art, and the differences in story.  SO here are a few of the artistic connections I found to be really interesting.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid was the first character to come to mind when I saw the character of “Frida Decibel” in Sky Doll.  There is something about the facial characteristics and the hair that caught my attention artistically.  ursula-2




I think that someone else in class discussed these two characters (The Little Mermaid and Jasime from Alladuntitled1in) and their similarities to Sky Doll the character.  It is interesting how the facial creations are very similar, and while the sexuality is there in the Disney characters, it is much more evident in Sky Doll, in terms of the female body.





For some reason Stich from Disney’s Lillo and Stich reminded me of the character of The Boss or God, in Sky Doll.  Though they are not similar in personality characteristics, the art seems similar to me.17_lilo_und_stitch_500_375_the_disney_channel1




Some food for thought about the connections in art 🙂

Thumbs up to New Media April 28, 2009

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I guess with my last blog post, I’d like to reflect back on all of our different projects that we have executed through the different new media programs. First off, I’d like to reiterate that I did not think of myself as an artist in any way, shape, or form before this class. Sure I’m a creative person and my imagination tends to run wild, but literally speaking…no. However, in this class I was given the opportunity to make tangible pieces of artwork that weren’t necessarily your typical paintings, but definitley a piece of art. I never thought about programs such as Photoshop as an artistic skill that creates “pieces of art.” I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve created d*** masterpieces compared to what I thought was going to be a disaster. And as for my final project, I am going to use the one program that I found the most challenging and horrifying…photoshop. At this point, I know this seems a bit like “brown-nosing”, but I can truly call myself an artist having now been open to the “other side” of art…at least a digital one…and I have battle wounds to prove it!

VoiceThread Projects April 21, 2009

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Here are the links to the projects we screened and discussed in class today. The Umbrella Group will be submitting their link on Thursday, and hopefully we’ll have time to screen it in class next Tuesday. I haven’t heard from the Handlebar Mustache Group–I hope they are alive and well.

Remember, you have two options: either adding onto the narrative in some way, or adding a substantial comment about the VoiceThread project itself–hopefully these will bring the narratives into a different kind of life, a life of their own outside of the creators’ hands.

I’d like you to make these comments on each others’ by 10pm tonight–I will be checking the links to see the progress. This way you all have enough time to incorporate how the VoiceThreads changed in your Reflective Analysis through the commenting of viewers, and, also, what it is like letting go of a creative work and allowing others to imbue it with a life of its own outside the scope of your original design.

Gender Inversion/Women’s Rights Group

Barbie Group

Polaroid Group

Beatles & Diary Group

Tobacco Group

Battle wounds February 18, 2009

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Now, I know that the linoleum blocks were probably the first time most people experienced printmaking, but what I found the most interesting was watching student’s individual motives. (besides the battle wounds we all took, r.i.p. knuckle) When I first started carving and experienced my first cut, I have to admit that I was pretty ticked off and could not understand why I was even trying. I knew I wasn’t an artist and I was not optimistic. However, now that the project is basically done, I realized that you don’t have to be an artist to portray an image that you believe in. My motives then began to be based on the desire to depict an image that was close to my heart and beliefs. Everyone chose an “object” that had personal significance and I believe we all ended up giving it our all so that our block would be a good representative of what is important to us. Our “linoleum” journey was bumpy, and there was blood along the way, but I personally felt the determination of a “real artist” when it came to how I wanted my artwork to be displayed.

The Artist and His Mediums February 17, 2009

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So, I suck at art. Just today, I squished my hand in a printing press. I have issues with stick figures. Ever heard the saying “The Apple never falls far from the tree”? Its bulls**t , my father is an artist, by that I mean  its what he does virtually full time. You’ve probably never heard of him, but none the less at roughly the same age I was when I pulled a C+ in Intro to the Arts my freshman year of high school, my father was working as an apprentice for the restoration of a very old church in Bavarian Germany.

Just as William Blake is known not just for his poetry, but also for his prints on which his poetry appeared, an artist is far more than his mediums. My father uses photography, wire hangers, cigars, and your more typical paints, oils, and so on for his works. He may not be famous, but just like any famous artist, he experiments with many various mediums to capture the imagination and attention of spectators, which is the real talent. Blake was originally known for the quality of his prints, but later on gained the deserved recognition for his poetry.

For proof that an artist is more than just his mediums, but that they DO play a role in the expression of his clips, look at the following. Notice how my father, and two of his famous contemporaries all use different forms of media to capture and evoke



The communicative February 17, 2009

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Throughout college, I have been forced to readdress my social, political, and personal views on just about everything in the entire world, which is what I believe part of what college is about. However, this semester has been met with a new challenge that I have not been expecting, and that is the reassessing of technology in my life and how I define it.

When first starting out on our little linoleum carving many of us were in doubt about the technology that would be proceeded. However, I feel that after a bit of contemplation, the reality of technology is painstakingly clear in our lives, and we are simply starting with the most obvious, yet most ignored technology, and that is writing. Writing itself, whether it is formed the way Blake did or the method of typing on a computer, is the technology that has literally come to control our every method of thought and action. If we were not a literate culture, we would not have the 200 pages of reading a assigned a night, and therefore, our entire educational system would be thrown off. How would we learn if we did not read and write? If there were no books to be highlighted and no essays to be written, how would our knowledge be measured. We can of course look at the cultures that did exist and the few that continue to exist today that were oral based. However, it is difficult to wrap our minds around the concept that every thing we do would change if we did not read and write. And not just educaiton but I mean everything.

With this being said, moving forward into the fact that technology and writing has developed to the point where this blog post is possible, I must say there is something about it that I do not like. There is something slightly complicated, but moreover, there is not the interaction that should be prominent in our learning. The ideas that people bring about on this blog post are stupendous, to be sure. However, my connection to who is even posting what has become completely lost and I would therefore prefer to have a class discussion about these ideas. I have come full circle to understand what technology is and how it employs are lives and creates the cyborg in all of us, however, there seems to be a line that is crossed that I am not comfortable with, though I am not sure comfortable is the right word.

Comment on loss of dimension January 29, 2009

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Bailey’s comment was very insightful. When she mentioned about the copier creating a loss of a dimension, she made me think about my creative project that I did on Kabuki Vol. 1 last semester. For those of you who were not in the class, I took poster board and created a “zoomed in” chess board. In each square, there was a collage. After I made it, I took pictures so that I can keep it on my computer and I noticed that it looked different. It did not give the project its justice, its creativity. Even though it showed exactly what was on the board, there were intricacies such as the papers on top of each other and the material that atre important to consider as well. The color especially has great significance. However, I do feel that we need to appreciate this technology of printing because artist/writers’ works do not have to worry about “rotting away.” I also think that the book of songs gives the Blake’s work another chance to be seen, analyzed, critiqued, discussed, etc. These types of things, although not the real pieces of work, can allow the distribution to gain a new level.  dscn6030

Reproduction of Songs of Innocence and Experience January 28, 2009

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I do not think it is weird that most publications of Songs leave out the prints. Although our text does include these prints, they felt the need to also include the text. Copies of these prints are hard to read. This reflects one of the difficulties of reproductive technology.

When David Mack gave his talk last semester, he brought original art from his comic. Although I had seen some of these pages in Kabuki Art books, I was stunned at how different they looked in real life. The art took on another dimension of clarity, a different medium, and even a literal thickness missing in its copies. Copying results in fuzziness, everything printed in the same medium (computer ink), and a loss of the third dimension of thickness produced with heavy paint or Mack’s pasted borders. This can be seen in the fuzziness of the text in Songs. The ink and method of printing are different than in the original.  And of course, it is also a copy of a copy.

I am not saying that we should read only the text, but that if we lose a dimension by leaving out the pictures, we also lose a dimension through the copy machine. My question is, how much do we lose and how important is this dimension to our understanding of Songs?