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Facebook- cyborgation of my life. April 23, 2009

Posted by mccuemonster in cyborgs.
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So I was brain storming on what do for my final project when I started thinking about Facebook. Oh yes I went there. I was thinking that Facebook has changed my life more then I should like to admit. In fact people I don’t even speak too are my friends on facebok. It makes our generation different. It reminds me of textual relationships; I mentioned them in class earlier this year, the relationship between “friends” that consists of picture comments and wall posts. I love facebook infact it sometimes controls my life. I know sick right. But look at how much power this one net work has. The ability to communicate events and/or gossip at each individual’s finger tips. E-mail was fast, msn even faster, but facebook is almost a cyber you. It allows you to create a home/ person who can be teased, corrected, and or interacted with. It also reminds me of our round table discussion of the cyber home. The idea of my facebook home page gives me butterflies, and I guess I am opening of the question, is that sick, or is this the future?


1. baimeeker - April 27, 2009

In a sense, I agree with you. We do have an advantage as a generation that we are able to communicate so easily online and that we can create a cyber home. However, I’m not sure that facebook is necessarily the center of this. That’s because facebook is heavily grounded in the real world. On facebook, chances are, I am myself. The pictures on my page will be of me, the page will be named after me, and my networks will allow you to locate me in the physical world. In a way, this is more impressive than a cyber home divorced from the real world. Yet, that has also existed, especially in forums where your avatar and screen name create a new identity. This is also the case in chat room, where the question a/s/l? (age? sex? location?) can be answered falsely if you choose.

These are all old technology, however. They predate facebook and, although they have not died out, they are less popular than they used to be. One newer technology that also allows for this changing of identity is MMORPGs. I think this leads to a splitting of internet identity: sometimes you want to be yourself and sometimes you don’t. I think facebook usually falls into the first category.

2. jr4024 - April 28, 2009

facebook is quite the subject to talk about..im sure we can all admit at a point when it has become too much. i have actually turned down my addiction to facebook over the past semester because i’ve realized that it should not be an essential part of my day. as for using facebook to portray yourself, i am not so sure that people truly make facebook a real depiction of themselves. i mean, how many times have people untagged pictures of themselves beacause “they look bad”…chances are thats how they really look. (no offense) i’ve been deceived many times on facebook with someones default picture all flashy-like and then seeing them in person is like…uhhhhh wow thats not you. lol anyway, facebook is something that is both amazing and deceiving at the same time. i actually cant even count how many people i have reconnected with from my old town and from where i studied abroad. then again, i also cant count the amount of creepers that try to facebook me that dont have a wall post or anything and just so happen to be friends with only girls.
as with anything on the internet…proceed with caution!

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