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The Artist and His Mediums February 17, 2009

Posted by ah12 in art, visual culture.
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So, I suck at art. Just today, I squished my hand in a printing press. I have issues with stick figures. Ever heard the saying “The Apple never falls far from the tree”? Its bulls**t , my father is an artist, by that I mean  its what he does virtually full time. You’ve probably never heard of him, but none the less at roughly the same age I was when I pulled a C+ in Intro to the Arts my freshman year of high school, my father was working as an apprentice for the restoration of a very old church in Bavarian Germany.

Just as William Blake is known not just for his poetry, but also for his prints on which his poetry appeared, an artist is far more than his mediums. My father uses photography, wire hangers, cigars, and your more typical paints, oils, and so on for his works. He may not be famous, but just like any famous artist, he experiments with many various mediums to capture the imagination and attention of spectators, which is the real talent. Blake was originally known for the quality of his prints, but later on gained the deserved recognition for his poetry.

For proof that an artist is more than just his mediums, but that they DO play a role in the expression of his clips, look at the following. Notice how my father, and two of his famous contemporaries all use different forms of media to capture and evoke