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Facebook- cyborgation of my life. April 23, 2009

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So I was brain storming on what do for my final project when I started thinking about Facebook. Oh yes I went there. I was thinking that Facebook has changed my life more then I should like to admit. In fact people I don’t even speak too are my friends on facebok. It makes our generation different. It reminds me of textual relationships; I mentioned them in class earlier this year, the relationship between “friends” that consists of picture comments and wall posts. I love facebook infact it sometimes controls my life. I know sick right. But look at how much power this one net work has. The ability to communicate events and/or gossip at each individual’s finger tips. E-mail was fast, msn even faster, but facebook is almost a cyber you. It allows you to create a home/ person who can be teased, corrected, and or interacted with. It also reminds me of our round table discussion of the cyber home. The idea of my facebook home page gives me butterflies, and I guess I am opening of the question, is that sick, or is this the future?

Cyborg Fridays February 27, 2009

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Cyborg Fridays is a weekly event hosted in the Sanford Room of the library. I figure since The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and Battlestar Gallactica all air on Friday, then it’s the perfect days for cyborgs. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll watch all those shows. But you never know.

The screening on 2/27 will have food, but future Fridays will have to rely on the kindness of like-minded cyborgs aficionados.

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and friends with you.

You’re not obligated to stay through the entire cyborgian endeavor.

Find the group Cyborg Fridays on Facebook.