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Embracing the Inner Cyborg February 19, 2009

Posted by boricuagirl1801 in cyborgs.
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Reading the Cyborg Manifesto made me realize how technologically manufactured we are. We do as we are told because we do not want to get in trouble no matter how much it can seemingly affect us. I noticed this during our time at the Arts Studio when we all had to carve out our objects on to the linoleum block. No one objected to doing it because they do not want to do bad in the course, but with that, many of the students were getting cut or hurt by the carving tools used. We can’t complain about it because we do not want to get in trouble so we keep it in, causing us to stay emotionless at the scene at hand. The cyborg manifesto states that we are all cyborgs in different ways, shapes or form, but it’s so odd how we can refer to ourselves as normal humans when we all are complex in our own ways. In Patchwork Girl, there is an image that shows a human with the brain displaying many different words and phrases, causing me to think that the brain is it’s own technological device that keeps us functioning. We are all natural born cyborgs even though some people choose not to believe that.