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The communicative February 17, 2009

Posted by saraholsen in art, communication, cyborgs, technology, writing.
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Throughout college, I have been forced to readdress my social, political, and personal views on just about everything in the entire world, which is what I believe part of what college is about. However, this semester has been met with a new challenge that I have not been expecting, and that is the reassessing of technology in my life and how I define it.

When first starting out on our little linoleum carving many of us were in doubt about the technology that would be proceeded. However, I feel that after a bit of contemplation, the reality of technology is painstakingly clear in our lives, and we are simply starting with the most obvious, yet most ignored technology, and that is writing. Writing itself, whether it is formed the way Blake did or the method of typing on a computer, is the technology that has literally come to control our every method of thought and action. If we were not a literate culture, we would not have the 200 pages of reading a assigned a night, and therefore, our entire educational system would be thrown off. How would we learn if we did not read and write? If there were no books to be highlighted and no essays to be written, how would our knowledge be measured. We can of course look at the cultures that did exist and the few that continue to exist today that were oral based. However, it is difficult to wrap our minds around the concept that every thing we do would change if we did not read and write. And not just educaiton but I mean everything.

With this being said, moving forward into the fact that technology and writing has developed to the point where this blog post is possible, I must say there is something about it that I do not like. There is something slightly complicated, but moreover, there is not the interaction that should be prominent in our learning. The ideas that people bring about on this blog post are stupendous, to be sure. However, my connection to who is even posting what has become completely lost and I would therefore prefer to have a class discussion about these ideas. I have come full circle to understand what technology is and how it employs are lives and creates the cyborg in all of us, however, there seems to be a line that is crossed that I am not comfortable with, though I am not sure comfortable is the right word.

Technology is life January 29, 2009

Posted by saraholsen in communication, technology, writing.
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The first few days of class have been extremely eye opening. As it stands now, we are constantly surrounded by various things of technology. I think it is, in fact, safe to say that in everyday life we are never without it. We rely on it to communicate, travel, learn, and even solve our small dilemmas such as telling the time. However, I had never truly deeply considered how each technology I came into contact with differentiated from each other. Or how it truly affected me. I am often surprised when I realize just how much I rely on technology to get home for breaks and stay in touch with people all around the world, including my oldest sister who has been traveling Asia for the last several months and stayed in touch through face book. It truly makes me reconsider who I am as a person. I am being represented via computer. When people look at me on a blog or web page, they are seeing it as me. It leads me to a deep consideration of how much the term cyborg can be applied to everyday people, like myself. I also am often reminded of the reaction women have while technology is encountered during their pregnancy. Many women say it makes them sad and disconnected from their child, because it is not something they are capable of doing or knowing by themselves. Therefore, I am also curious about the disconnection that technology can build by breaking down simple intimacies.