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Seeking Techno Justice January 29, 2009

Posted by boricuagirl1801 in communication, technology.
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Technology has its way of taking over society. We replace people with machines to create faster materials, such as clothing, electronics, and food. Even so, people are trying to make a way for technology to fit into genetics, mainly having control over reproductive rights and taking over women’s roles as caregivers. Eugenics play a role in technological issues because technology is stepping into a world  that is mainly meant for people.

Technology also separates people causing many forms of miscommunication. An example of this would be instant messenger and cell phones. These devices cause people to use these alternate forms of communication, rather than talking to people in person. It is given that these technologies do help, but ultimately it gets out of hand.

It would be impossible to seek techno justice when society is so entranced by technology and how it works. People are always into the newest gadgets and phones—we can’t help but purchase these items because we want the newest things. I think in order to create justice we need to backtrack forms of technology. It would definitely be difficult to do, and it might be impossible to fulfill.