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Gotta Catch Em All March 5, 2009

Posted by boricuagirl1801 in cyborgs.
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Not for nothing, but Pokemon used ot be my favorite show way back when it first came out. Now, after listening to Roland Kelt’s Fisher Center lecture, I stopped down to think about how Pokemon has become commercialized. What happened to the 150 pokemon? As the years went along, pokemon cards, video games and newer shows came about to make Pokemon something that I am unfamiliar with. I used to be a fan of playing Pokemon Red and Blue on my Nintendo Color, but as the nintendo became more advanced, so did the pokemon games and the pokemon versions. Now there are so many pokemon that I can’t keep up. GIVE ME BACK MY 150!!!


1. andiroo - March 5, 2009

I always find myself wondering what I’ll be telling my kids in a few years from now, and I figure it’ll probably go something like this: “When I was young, Pluto was a planet” or “When I was young, there were only 150 pokemon” This is intriguing, because I get the same feeling that they will be as awed by the gaming systems / movies with CGI and there inferiority compared to whatever it is they have (in a tube with wires into brain?) it goes to show that technology brings people together, like Japan and America as discussed in lecture, but it also sets people apart.

2. animatingthecyborg - March 5, 2009

How does this connect to the course in a more specific way, though? Maybe you can address that in the comments section because I’m not seeing how this simply isn’t a rant, that, unfortunately, isn’t really about anything we’ve covered in class specifically.

Andrew responded to your post relating your post to something in the course. Now it’s your task to do the same because these kind of blog posts aren’t fulfilling the requirements of the task.

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