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Astrid Hadad March 26, 2009

Posted by dunemethane in cyborgs.

I know I was not the only one to see the ridiculous show that Astrid Hadad put on tonight, but, to me, it was not the antics that made it ridiculous. It seems to me that when some women claim to be feminists, they are just man haters. Like when she sang the song about the women who could not find pleasure from any man so she resorted to using a horse to get off. Why not try a woman? No, there is no mention of that. It just goes straight to the man bashing. Then again with the Diego Rivera/Freida Kahlo thing. They weren’t married, SHE married him. It wasn’t mutual, or equal which is the main idea of feminism. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Its people like this that give feminism a bad name; she promotes women while bashing men at the same time. It things like this that give people the wrong impression about feminism, and frankly it pisses me off.