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Art vs. Replica–Manifesto April 5, 2009

Posted by aliruppel165 in cyborgs.

Art is only art in its most original form. Art is never art in its replicated form. True art has human value and self worth; and replicas are merely “possers” in the art world, taking up space on walls and shelves. How can art be copied into a replica and still have the same human value and worth if nothing can truly be the exact same, regardless if it looks exactly the same. Part of art is it’s mystifying quality that has to do with the artists’ technique that is unique and special to one specific person a lone. Though, replicas cannot have this same effect because the same artist has not put their hands on it yet replicas are seen everywhere in every area of art; and because it sometimes seemingly looks like the same piece is noted as art. These original pieces are the only forms of art that truly exist.
There are many obvious examples that prove this point. First, a poster or copy of  Monet’s “Water Lilies” does not the same the loose brush stroke matched with thick paint then the original. This effect makes the water lilies come alive to the viewer and the water seem as if it is just a foot away. Therefore, because the poster is just a paper or a modern canvas and can not be considered in the same category—“art” that the originals done by the great Monet can be considered. A replica is not art. Next, during the 1900s Duchamp challenged the idea of art and created the idea of a ready made—using coat hangers, bicycle wheels, and even a eranal and called it his art. This idea was a success and viewers began to think of their idea of what art is astatically pleasing or not? Yet, a copy or replica a eranal could not be considered true art; for this replica of Duchamp’s would not have the same thought process that Duchamp put into his earnal. This earanal therefore would not be art but just a plan earnal that copied the great artist Duchamp’s idea but is not the same art; instead merely an object. In these two examples: art is only art, not if it seems to look like the piece, but art is only art that is done by the original artist whose original idea it was. Art is


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