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Astrid Hadad March 26, 2009

Posted by dunemethane in cyborgs.

I know I was not the only one to see the ridiculous show that Astrid Hadad put on tonight, but, to me, it was not the antics that made it ridiculous. It seems to me that when some women claim to be feminists, they are just man haters. Like when she sang the song about the women who could not find pleasure from any man so she resorted to using a horse to get off. Why not try a woman? No, there is no mention of that. It just goes straight to the man bashing. Then again with the Diego Rivera/Freida Kahlo thing. They weren’t married, SHE married him. It wasn’t mutual, or equal which is the main idea of feminism. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Its people like this that give feminism a bad name; she promotes women while bashing men at the same time. It things like this that give people the wrong impression about feminism, and frankly it pisses me off.


1. saraholsen - March 26, 2009

I have to admit, I feel this post is slightly rash and uncharacteristic of someone who probably truly understood the meaning…or even understood, what Hadad was singing as well as saying. I did not understand what Astrid Hadad was singing a majority of the time. However, I was graced with several terrific friends who speak Spanish fluently, and were kind enough to translate major things for me throughout the performance. Not only are my friends feminist, they are from a Latina background. And they were not insulted, nor was I. I did not take away from the performance thinking that Hadad was a man hater any more than I took away that she hated her homeland. However, she made remarks about both that could of been taken negatively. And here is perhaps where you truly missed the beauty of the performance, and the relation of this to the class. And that would be the animation. She was animating, interpreting, and being an impressionist. She sang a song as a waitress getting hit on. Does that make her a waitress? Err…no. I am insulted by your comments, because her performance was comical as well as tragic. What of the woman who stayed with her husband when he beat her? Or was that all too easy to dismiss? Or possibly, and I feel this may be more on base, you do not understand Spanish and though you knew the general themes of the songs, the words themselves were empty for you, as they would have been for myself as well had I not taken the time to ask. And perhaps, instead of jumping to the conclusion that Hadad is the man hater, you should take the time to fully grasp that this is theatre, and animation, and she is NOT everything she was singing. Instead realize that this is another form of animation, of becoming a cyborg through interpretation and imitation of a culture and the media.

2. baimeeker - March 26, 2009

I do not really understand how you could come to the conclusion that this is man-bashing. In Mexico, women are less likely to be educated about feminism or women’s rights. The message that she is sending to Mexican women is that if you are in a bad position, you do not need to stay there. Also, she is celebrating the women who stay strong despite bad situations in their life. Yes, there are some bad men, but I never heard her say that all men are bad. I think you are misinterpreting her and also not giving her enough credit for the work she is doing to free the minds of women in Mexico. But I think there is a good point here. Must every feminist start their performance by saying “It’s not that I think men are bad?” It is true that most feminists could say this, but I think it is irrelevant and detracts from her message: that women should be made aware of their equality.

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