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Just a Thought….and a Question March 24, 2009

Posted by ah12 in class, technology.

We all do this. We all scan google images hoping to find pictures for our powerpoints, projects,etc. We manipulate these images for our use and for our own projects. I did it for my class project using the software Comic Life to take another person’s image and adapted it for my needs. So what about this is troubling?

I would like to introduce an idea to you, its called image hosting. I would like to introduce another idea to you, internet vigilantism. So, when one of my favorite websites, Cracked.com, had one of its articles stolen by another website, El Grafico, they reacted in an interesting way.

Seeing as Cracked hosted all the images for its sight on its own server, any changes made at their end showed up on El Grafico. So, every image was played around with….usually in an extremely juvenile way. The final image was edited to have the original overlapped with the words “Its NEVER a good idea to plagarize someone else’s work. But, if you must do it, at least have the common sense to NOT link to images directly (Eat Shit).”

Here is the article on Cracked about El Grafico’s plagarizing:


This is an example of very minor example of internet vigilantism. For a look at some cooler, and more disturbing examples, heres another Cracked article:


Now, a thought: having read the ” 8 awesome cases of internet vigilantism” article, do you think internet vigilantism is a good thing? Or is it merely a case of large scale harrassment?  The internet is, for the most part, completely in the control of its users, programers and various other surfers. It does not, however, make you immune from real world consequences. You may not get into your choice of college if they see all those “sick drinking photos from the bahamas” like the ones my younger brother’s friends put on facebook. You may get harrassed, or even arrested, if you put a video of yourself doing something stupid and illegal on youtube. So surf safe.

Question: If anyone knows more about image hosting please let me know. For instance, if the image is saved to my computer, can the person who originally put it up still make changess to it?



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