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Anime Masterpieces March 4, 2009

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Above is the link to the Anime Materpieces website. At the screenings of Grave of the Fireflies and Tekkonkinkreet, we received booklets describing the films from Anime Masterpieces. As Roland Kelts explained before the film last night, Anime Masterpieces was developed to help summarize popular films and graphic novels for Japanese Studies professors or those out of touch with the younger generation’s pop cultural obsession with Anime and Manga. Most students, Kelts noted, become involved in Japanese Studies because of their strong interest in Anime and Manga, however professors do not typically have a background in that field. Anime Masterpieces is an academic and intellectual approach to the films and graphic novels and their cultural phenomenon.

As in all subjects, Japanese Studies is also evolving to accommodate the growing interest in Anime and Manga and what it means for contemporary Japanese history. The new wave of students and academics drawn to careers in Japanese Studies will find a successful way to incorporate these movies into their courses. What does this also mean for the history of American graphic novels and comics? How will Art Departments incorporate this demand for creating Anime into their courses? Will there eventually be a blending of Eastern and Western drawing and narrative styles?


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