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Battle wounds February 18, 2009

Posted by jr4024 in art, class.
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Now, I know that the linoleum blocks were probably the first time most people experienced printmaking, but what I found the most interesting was watching student’s individual motives. (besides the battle wounds we all took, r.i.p. knuckle) When I first started carving and experienced my first cut, I have to admit that I was pretty ticked off and could not understand why I was even trying. I knew I wasn’t an artist and I was not optimistic. However, now that the project is basically done, I realized that you don’t have to be an artist to portray an image that you believe in. My motives then began to be based on the desire to depict an image that was close to my heart and beliefs. Everyone chose an “object” that had personal significance and I believe we all ended up giving it our all so that our block would be a good representative of what is important to us. Our “linoleum” journey was bumpy, and there was blood along the way, but I personally felt the determination of a “real artist” when it came to how I wanted my artwork to be displayed.


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