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Fuzzyness or Clarity? January 29, 2009

Posted by ml7142 in communication, poetry.
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After reading Songs I tried to grasp a deeper understanding of why this book was chosen for us to read. When I thought about it I realized that this book is a perfect symbol for what our class is about.  The technique of storytelling throughout this is very intriguing to me.  If you were to read the text by itself without knowing what the image that stands by it was, chances are you would conjure a vision in your mind of something different than that which is portrayed by the artist.  Most often when reading a novel or poetry, the fun or beauty of the read lies in the vision you create for yourself without a previous notion of what the text is “meant” to depict.  For example when you saw Harry Potter for the first time the sudden rush of excitement or dissapointment as the images flash on the screen from a text book you had already read can either be a great thing or a nightmare.  When you read a text and simultaneously view an image that is meant to further describe it, you are somewhat set up for interpretation.  Throughout this semester the goal of this course is to look into different forms of stories and decipher how media and art play their individual roles.  This book to me was a great example of how such a simple form of image making can bring ancient words to life adding a little something extra.


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